How to Play Poker Against a Bluffer

As texas hold’em players encounter it off nightly at different gaming tables in Las Vegas, so do the different kinds of chips that are offered on the marketplace these days. From among the various online poker chip products, only two are left standing solid and also ready to encounter each other. These are the abdominal muscle composite chip as well as the Clay Chip. The various other material, the plastic chip, is not actually in their league. Which one will be stated as the casino poker gamer’s favorite chip of choice?

The Plastic chip, which at first was thought to have what it takes to be a contender, was left of the running because it did not fulfill the weight demands to be categorized as a heavy weight. The plastic online poker chip, which was initial extensively accepted by novice poker gamers, has ultimately lost its crowd draw. Condemn it on its characteristic light weightiness of having only approximately 7.5 to 9.0 grams, players conveniently recognized that the plastic chip is a push over and also does not have 온라인포커 a professional feeling to it. The plastic chip additionally damages easily under stress as the texas hold’em games end up being a lot more severe. Individuals who approved the plastic chip before soon found out that it can not be as efficient in even more significant online poker video gaming than when it was dipped into a newbie level.

The ABS Compound Chip as well as the Clay Chip nevertheless, have the battle head-to-head that gamers are still uncertain which one will certainly win in the long run. Here is the story of the tape for both chips:


In regards to price, ABS Composite Chip goes to a benefit for casino poker gamers who intend to have top quality chips at a value for their cash while the Clay Chip has captured the hearts of the distinguished gamers who such as to have the genuine feel to their texas hold’em having fun. A top quality clay chip can set you back as much as $3 per chip. In this classification, the texas hold’em players are separated almost evenly.


On the heftiness group, both chips scored uniformly with each chip having an ordinary weight of 11.5 to 13.5 grams. The ABS Compound chip nevertheless requires to have added metal inserts in order to match the weight of the Clay Chips.


When it pertains to durability, the ABS Chip, being made from Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene, boasts that it can last a lifetime despite regular use. The Clay Chip, on the various other hand, can be damaged extra conveniently than the ABS chip and can also damage with severe misuse. However, the Clay Chip can hold its ground and can offer you great casino poker video gaming for about 5 to 7 years. It however needs to be oiled on a regular basis for maintenance.

Design, Feel and Sound

The ABS Compound Chip is always a player-pleaser with its sharp and fancy graphics as well as designs however it does not have on how it associates with the players in regards to its feeling and also sound. Players are dissatisfied with the ABS Chip’s metallic clanking whenever it gets in a casino poker game. The ABS Chip is likewise not as outstanding as the Clay Chip when it comes to having that genuine casino feeling and also audio.

The Decision

With all facets of comparison offered above, the fight for the favored casino poker chip ends with a draw. The ABS Chip won over the a lot more functional, value-for-money looking for casino poker gamers. The Clay Chip on the various other hand kept its popularity with poker gamers seeking the genuine casino poker video gaming really feel also if they would certainly invest more for it.